SkEyesBox itch

Differences with the aerial SkEyesBox

SkEyesBox itch is a modified SkEyesBox that can be mounted to a vehicle using the trailer hitch.
Because the GPS signals can be blocked by trees and buildings on the ground GPS positioning quality can be intermittent on the ground.
This version of the SkEyesBox adds an optical odometer to help with loss of GPS signals.
The operational modes and colorizer options are the same as the helicopter version.

The SkEyesBox itch is designed as a trailer hitch mount. It can also be mounted to a roof rack.

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Other Variations

The state estimation system of the SkEyesBox is not affected by the motion model and allows the SkEyesBox to be used in a variety of mobile platforms:

  • Horticultural cart
  • Hung from a crane
  • Carried by a human

Please contact us for your customization needs.

SkEyesBox itch